About Lindsay


Since she was a little girl, Lindsay has been dreaming about weddings.

After graduating from UNLV with a degree in Economics, Lindsay took the practical path and began her career in the financial industry. She had a lot of exciting accomplishments, along with some really tough challenges along the way, but all the while, she felt like something was missing.

Not long after she moved home to Tucson for an exciting new position, Lindsay found the missing piece. Six short months after meeting Corey, they were engaged and planning their wedding! She threw herself into all of the little details, and soon, the financial stuff was starting to seem pretty boring. It was time for a new venture.

Brides and vendors alike appreciate Lindsay’s take charge attitude and impeccable organizational skills. There’s nothing that she loves more than a good story, and Lindsay enjoys being able to incorporate her clients inspirations in fun and unique ways, while her background in relationship management keeps everyone around her on task and relaxed.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Lindsay loves being outdoors (when it’s not too hot!), hanging out with her awesome cat Max, and eating spicy food.

Above all, she loves helping brides make the wedding planning process a little less stressful, and a little more fun!

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